The founders of HeaterHides,LLC., are two designers who have worked for over 20 years in interior design, television and film, with an impressive roster of clients and credits.

The development of HeaterHides began in 2007. While designing and planning numerous film sets, events, weddings, and parties, they came up with an idea for a decorative cover for the outdoor patio heaters.

In the process of developing the design, there were many people involved, starting with materials research, pattern makers, manufacturers, and constant revisions to the original design. This took several years with a lot of laughter and hard work along the way. The designers have remained great collaborators and miraculously, the best of friends.

They are passionate about bringing their covers to the world.  HeaterHides are an innovative, one-of-a-kind product.  They are designed using quality materials with great care given to details.  The covers are classy and elegant.

All of the designers hard work and careful consideration resulted in a patented product, made in the USA.